Sustainability at Turpin Meadow Ranch

Environmental Stewardship & Preservation

Sustainability and environmental education are at the core of the ranch’s mission. We’re lucky enough to find ourselves nestled into one of the most beautiful valleys in the world: our ranch sits on the banks of the Wild and Scenic-designated Buffalo Fork River and within the 2.5 million acre Bridger-Teton Wilderness. Proactive environmental stewardship is critical to keeping our surroundings pristine so that the unique flora and fauna we see every day will flourish for decades to come. Read more about our sustainability initiatives:

Partnering for Success

A Sustainable Destination

We partner with Sustainable Destination to audit our sustainability program and ensure that our operations enhance biological diversity, minimize impact and conserve the wild inhabitants and character of our unique Wyoming environment.


Educating our Visitors

Our ranch is located completely within the Bridger-Teton Wilderness, under the stewardship of the U.S. Forest Service. Together we work to educate guests and collaborate on practices that preserve our stunning forest surroundings.

Comprehensive Recycling

Recycling on the Ranch

We take recycling at the ranch very seriously. From planning our trash disposal to digging through our dumpsters, our recycling program minimizes the footprint of what we dispose. No styrofoam is used onsite.

Hot Water On Demand

Tankless Water Heaters

Did you know that tankless water heaters use 24-34% less energy than conventional tank heaters? At the ranch, we utilize tankless, on-demand water heaters in our cabins and chalets to reduce our energy consumption and ensure you can still have a hot shower after a long day outdoors.

Preserving the Buffalo Fork River

Protecting Our Waters

We’re lucky enough to be on the Wild-and-Scenic Buffalo Fork River. We practice only catch-and-release fishing to protect our local population of trout. All operations and development of the ranch are planned with preservation of our special waters and their residents in mind.

Sourcing Ingredients Locally

Supporting Our Neighbors

We emphasize local ingredients in our lodge kitchen and purchase as much as we can from local suppliers. During summer months, we purchase ingredients for our kitchen from the Cosmic Apple Gardens community supported agriculture program. Other suppliers include Carter Country Meats in Tensleep, WY as well as Sweet Cheek Meats in Jackson, WY.

Reduced Water Usage

Lowering our Impact

All toilets, showers and faucets on the ranch have been switched to low-flow fixtures, which has significantly reduced our water consumption. Due to our remote location, all water is well-drawn, making consumption reduction a priority to protect local ground water.

Growing Our Own Food

Onsite Garden

We grow a significant amount of herbs, vegetables and other greens in our own gardens at the ranch. This lowers the impact created from growing and transporting ingredients for our meals. Learn more about our dining program and see some examples of what we create with our home-grown greens.

Lowering Energy Use

Lighting Our Environment

All light fixtures at the ranch utilize CFL bulbs, reducing the amount of energy needed to light our interiors and walkways and keeping short-life cycle incandescent bulbs out of landfills. Our lighting is also designed to minimize the amount of light that disturbs the wilderness and dark night skies.

Certified GreenLeader

Platinum Level GreenLeader

We’re a certified Platinum GreenLeader by TripAdvisor, which recognizes our energy efficiency plan, waste recycling, local flora cultivation, salvaged building materials and guest education. The platinum status is the highest rating given by TripAdvisor and was developed with the U.N. Environment Program and the LEED Certification program.

Salvaged Building Materials

Renovated with Original Character

When the ranch came under new ownership several years ago, it was badly neglected and in need of serious repairs. Special care was taken to incorporate as much of the original building material as possible while still modernizing to today’s eco-friendly standards. Features such as original siding on all cabins and original floors remain in the lodge.

Discover Your Adventure

When you visit Turpin Meadow Ranch, you’ll do a lot more than just escape the everyday. With horseback riding, overnight pack trips, fly fishing, nordic skiing, fat biking and personalized tours of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks with our exceptional guides, you’ll experience a true taste of Western adventure on your trip.