Stays here during late August and September doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves. Most people plan to visit at the peak of summer but there are so many reasons to experience our Ranch as things transition into autumn.

1) Perfect Weather

This time of year the weather is very pleasant. The afternoons are warm, averaging in the mid 70’s and then cooling off into crisp mornings. Due to our elevation, you can expect the mornings to be around the low 40’s to high 30’s depending on the week you’re visiting. Pack for layering and you’ll be set.

2) Exciting Fall Fishing

This is the best time of year to catch the largest brown trout of the season. Water temperatures drop this time of year into the optimal range for trout fishing. They also start the urge to pack on the pounds for the upcoming winter which means they want bigger food and are more aggressive, willing to get out of their lairs to chase down tasty looking flies. September is basically the only time of year that every river within Yellowstone is fishable.

3) Less Crowds at National Parks

Tourism to the Parks typically tapers off in September so it’s a great time to visit if you want to avoid the crowds.

4) Active Wildlife

Wildlife behavior changes in autumn as they begin their winter preparation rituals.  Animals that typically linger in high elevation during summer trade the protection of trees for lower grasslands to escape the oncoming snow. Hundreds of bison will head to Lamar Valley, Mammoth Hot Springs, and Old Faithful areas during this time.

Visitors might see some elk in the mountain forests but this time of year they’ll be lower — and you’ll get to hear them, too! Elk begin their mating season during this time and you’ll hear them bugling, a sound alternately deep and high-pitched, as they vie for female attention. Remember to give all the critters their space.

Bears are more active as they forage for food in preparation for their long winter hibernation – don’t forget to store your food safely! Bring binoculars with you as you explore the area. In addition to bear, elk, and bison you may well see pronghorn, bighorn sheep, deer, moose, eagles, and more.

5. Fall Scenery Turpin Meadow Ranch Horseback Riding Autumn Colors

Many people come at the start or peak of summer but fall has it’s own beauty here when the scenery transforms itself. This place feels magical as you watch the leaves and grasses change to lovely shades of yellows and oranges. Horseback riding through this vast land while witnessing the landscape changing colors daily will leave you with memories you’ll never forget.

If you’ve never visited in fall, you’re in for a treat. Give us a call if you have any questions. We’re happy to assist you with your trip planning.

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