Emails, meetings, grocery lists, the kids’ sports schedules, whatever consumes your daily thoughts quickly disappears the minute you settle into your saddle and head out on a guided horseback ride at the ranch.

The beauty and vastness of the Bridger-Teton National Forest will command your attention. You’ll ride through Alpine meadows, see a variety of wildlife and have the Grand Tetons as your constant companion.

The tranquility of a horseback ride is why it’s been used for years as a therapy tool. It’s helped people become more assertive, improve problem-solving skills and lower their stress.

While therapy isn’t the focus of our rides, you will definitely get some unintended benefits. Here are just a few.


Your worries and distractions will disappear once you settle into the saddle and head out into the wilderness. Riding requires complete focus and being in the moment.

If your mind wanders, your horse is going to follow that lead. So, let go of everything and join your horse in your singular goal – enjoying the ride.

Get Strong

You might not realize it, but the more you ride the stronger you’ll get, both physically and mentally. Riding requires keeping your core engaged. Your abs, lower back and obliques benefit from this focus as these muscles will grow stronger the more you ride.

The ride will also help improve your balance and coordination as you keep yourself centered in the saddle.

Emotional Stability

The beautiful part of a horseback ride is the interaction between you and your steed. A horse is capable of sensing your emotions and reacting. Exhibiting fear or anger will not give you the best experience.

Remaining calm and in control will put the horse at ease and let both of you get the most from the ride.


Your horse has a mind of its own and at some point during the ride will likely make a decision you find disagreeable. Patience rather than anger or frustration is the preferred response. By taking the time to redirect your horse, you’ll avoid a negative response and maintain the sense of team between both of you.

Luckily, the herd at the ranch is a seasoned and mild-mannered bunch. They know the terrain almost as well as our guides and we’ll match you with a horse that best fits your riding style.


Riding is so much like life. Nobody is perfect and no ride is perfect. Being able to forgive your horse for any missteps will help you put the daily frustrations in perspective. This is especially easy when you ride at the ranch with the beauty of the Grand Tetons always there to mesmerize.


The trust between you and your horse is unspoken but understood. You’ll quickly come to trust Spoon, Roosevelt and the other horses in our herd who will put you at ease and take you on a great summer adventure.

I Did It

Those final steps back to the ranch will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment whether it’s your first ride or 100th.