The calendar may say winter starts on Dec. 21, but we all know it arrives on its own schedule. That means we always get a bit anxious as October fades away and November arrives. That’s when we start watching the forecast in the hopes of seeing the first snowstorms.

Mother Nature decided to take her time this year with the first serious storms coming in early December and not as heavy as we’d like to see. But she made up for it in late December and January as we’ve had several feet of snow piling up around the ranch.

The late snow means if you haven’t made plans for a sledding trip at the ranch yet, now is the time.

“February and March snowmobiling is going to be over the top,” said Ron Stiffler, general manager at the ranch.

Perfect Conditions

The onslaught of snow is adding to a solid base and promises to create conditions that will be ideal throughout the remainder of winter. Crisp cold days and stunningly clear skies give sledders unlimited sightlines and dramatic views of the Grand Tetons.

The heavy snowfall is also providing a terrific base for exploring the 500 miles of trails along the Continental Divide Trail. The higher elevation of the trail system promises to keep the terrain covered in snow for the remainder of the season.

Options Aplenty

The abundance of snow gives our guides even more options for your half-day or full-day snowmobile adventures. They’ll have their full complement of favorite spots available to show groups as they whip along the trails.

These conditions really let the guides showcase their experience and knowledge of the area as they share stories and historical tales of various geological highpoints.

Check Conditions

A new live camera at the ranch lets you check conditions of the area as your trip draws closer. It undoubtedly will also help draw anticipation and excitement for your visit. It’s a great tool for both our overnight and daily visits guests in helping determine how they’ll layer clothing and what equipment they want to bring.

Easy Planning

The beauty of our guided snowmobile tours is that planning is extremely easy since we take care of just about everything. We’ve got the outer gear, gloves, goggles and helmets you’ll need. Our ski-doo sleds constantly receive maintenance checkups to ensure the machines are running properly. And the safety training our guides undergo will keep you away from any hazardous areas.

You just need to dress in a few layers and come ready to have fun.