A vacation is a great time to try something new. You’re generally more relaxed and open to new ideas and experiences. This holds especially true at the ranch with so many adventures waiting right outside your cabin door.

If you’re visiting us with your children, winter presents the perfect opportunity to expose those little ones to Nordic skiing if they haven’t given it a try. It’s a great family activity that let’s everyone enjoy the outdoors.

“We’ve got the equipment, the location and the ideal atmosphere for letting your kids experience Nordic skiing for the first time,” said Ron Stiffler, our manager at the ranch.

The Ideal Setting

Guests at the ranch don’t have far to walk to the ski hut, grab their gear and hit our 20 km of trails. We groom our trails daily, giving beginners a smooth surface for the best experience.

The trails are expansive enough that you won’t feel like you’re getting in the way of others and you’ll have a variety of terrains to explore.

A Teachable Moment

The beauty of Nordic skiing for kids is that the lesson, and we’re using that word loosely, is very simple. Nordic skiing utilizes the basic motion of walking, something your kids already know how to do.

Plus, you’re not reaching speeds of downhill skiing so if you’re little ones do fall, it’s not going to hurt them.

Focus on Fun

Another reason we think of teaching in air quotes, is that it’s best to not make that first Nordic skiing adventure too series. Give them the basics and get out of the way. Let them have fun and experiment with skiing the way they want to try.

We’d also encourage you to think about skipping the poles or at least let them try without them. At such a young age, poles aren’t a real necessity.

Keep it Short

Let your child’s age and interest level dictate how long you’re out on the trails. It’s better to leave a bit earlier so your child views the adventure as something enjoyable rather than something they’re being forced to do.

Free Ski Day

If you’re around on Jan. 5 consider coming by to be part of the Jackson Hole Nordic Alliance’s Free Ski, Fat Bike & Snowshoe Day. This annual event has become a great gathering for the community to visit the ranch, hit the trails for free and try out skis, fat bikes and snowshoes from our amazing partners.

The free day has grown from a humble gathering to one of the more anticipated community events in the Jackson Hole area. You’re guaranteed to have fun and the focus is definitely on families so you’re kids will have plenty of others to play with on the trail.