Winter truly transforms the landscape around our guest ranch. The sounds, smells and sights take a dramatic shift. One great way to experience the season at a slower pace than other activities is snowshoeing.

It’s like taking a walk, just with a special pair of shoes. The pace allows you to completely immerse yourself in the wilderness. You can stop and enjoy the vistas as well as wildlife. Plus, you’ll get one heck of a workout.

We’ve made it easy for guests and visitors to explore our 20 km of groomed Nordic trails with nothing more than a pair of snowshoes strapped to their feet. We’ve got a few tips on how to prepare and what you can expect once you head outside.

Plus, we’ll explain why you might want to consider taking a guided snowshoe tour.

The Basics

Let’s start with your clothing. You’ll want a base layer that wicks away the sweat and dries quickly. An insulating layer is next with something like polyester fleece to keep you warm. Finally, go with an outer layer that will keep out the wind and water.

For footwear, an insulated and waterproof boot is the preferred choice paired with wool or synthetic socks to keep your feet warm and dry. You might also consider a boot covering to keep out the snow.

You’ll finish your gear with a hat, gloves and sunglasses.

The Shoe

The snowshoe itself is a pretty simple design. You’ll lock your foot into the binding, which sits atop the deck that allows you to float atop the snow. Lastly, traction and crampon like cleats on the bottom of the deck help with footing when traversing rugged terrain and icy conditions.

Snowshoe Techniques

Starting on the flat, groomed sections of our Nordic trail is a great place for beginners to get the feel of snowshoeing. It’s an intuitive movement. The only adjustment you’ll need to make is to maintain a wider stance, so you aren’t stepping on the insides of the snowshoe frames.

Stay Safe

Like any outdoor sport, you need to be cognizant of your surroundings and personal limitations to be safe. Stay within your physical abilities. Our trail provides a relatively safe environment to snowshoe. Stay warm, dry and hydrated during your adventure. Never go alone. There is safety in number and plus, it’s more fun when you’ve got others to share in the experience.

Take a Guided Tour

Navigating our groomed trail is easy. But if you really want to let your mind go and just enjoy the experience, take a 2.5 hour private tour with one of our experienced guides. They will design a route that best fits your needs and abilities.

You might stick to the trail or, if the group is more experienced, head off the trail to get the true flavor of the area. Along the way your guide will immerse you in a historical overview of the area and its significant geological formations.

Once your snowshoe adventure is over, you’ll return to the ranch where you can unwind in the lodge, warming yourself by the fire and enjoying a hot toddy.