The ranch takes on a certain Norman Rockwell quality in winter when the snow envelopes the Grand Tetons and surrounding landscape, somehow enhancing the majestic beauty of our piece of Wyoming.

We like to think this setting helps encourage family activities, particularly when it comes to Nordic skiing.

“Cross country skiing is appealing because families can make it into whatever they want,” said Ron Stiffler, the ranch manager. “You can go hard or easy and spend as much time as you want on the trails. You dictate what you want from your adventure.”

Regardless of where you cross-country ski, here are a few reasons why it’s such a great family activity.

Accessible – Wherever there is snow, there are cross country trails. This is one of several reasons why it’s so easy to find a place to ski. Jackson Hole is particularly blessed with a multitude of options. Our friends at the Jackson Hole Nordic Alliance have a great list of ski locations that include detailed information that ranges from the grooming schedule to routes to whether dogs are allowed.

We’re spoiled with our own 20 km of trails that were designed by Olympic biathletes. The system offers a wide range of options that allows for the most inexperienced skier to have a good time while also offering a more challenging course for the seasoned skiers.

The trails are groomed daily to give skiers a pristine surface. And dogs are definitely welcomed at the ranch.

Affordable – The financial barrier to Nordic skiing is much less than downhill. The equipment can be less expensive and day passes are much cheaper than lift tickets.

We also offer rental Nordic skis and skate skis if you don’t feel like packing your own gear.

Connected – Unlike downhill skiing, it’s much easier for a family to stick together while they Nordic ski. This is especially true for families with young children. You don’t have to leave them behind. Pack them into a pulk and you’re ready for the entire group to enjoy the scenery and connect with nature.

Fitness – Nordic skiing is one of the best activities for physical fitness regardless of how hard or easy you ski. The pull and push motion is a full body workout that burns lots of calories, as much as 1,122 per hour.

Because no single muscle group is overstressed you can ski for hours. It improves cardiovascular health and endurance, relieves stress and improves body functionality.

And here’s a fun fact: cross-country skiers have been found to be 40 percent more fit than people who exercise, but don’t Nordic ski.

So, grab the whole family and head out to your nearest trail for an activity everyone can enjoy.