If you’ve pulled together a Rolling Stones Concert in Montana or provided logistics for the Salt Lake City Olympic Games and opened and managed a high-end outdoor lodge, you know a thing or two about creating a memorable experience.

That is the driving passion for Ron and Bobbi Stiffler, our new managers at the ranch. The Washingtonians are settled in to the ranch with their four dogs and three horses and have been busy getting things ready for opening day. They are excited about putting their stamp on the Turpin experience.

Ron spent the last six years opening and running Canyon River Ranch and Red’s Fly Shop in Ellensburg, Washington, where he oversaw sales of fractional units and cabin sites along with developing a host of activities and events for guests and visitors. The biggest takeaway for Ron was the importance of the guest experience.

“You definitely want to make sure you and your team understand that,” Ron said. “Memories are priceless.”

Ron and Bobbi already have plans for enhancing your trip to Wyoming. They are implementing a new on-line reservation system that will allow lodge guests and day visitors to peruse the available activities and book their preferred ones. They are also expanding the variety and number of activities to fully utilize Turpin’s permits.

The couple are passionate about their outdoor interests as evident by the programs they developed at Canyon River and Red’s Fly Shop. Fly fishing, skeet shooting, upland bird hunting, horseback riding and river rafting are just a sampling of the activities they designed. They are excited to use that knowledge to help Turpin’s guests enjoy the same pursuits along with the winter sports.

And once guests have returned to the lodge famished from a day of being outdoors, Ron and Bobbi are excited to continue Turpin’s upscale culinary offerings.

“Our single biggest project is to put Turpin Meadow Ranch on the radar as the go-to destination for recreation and activities in the Grand Teton area,” Ron said.