One of the things we think makes our ranch life extra special is our furry, four-legged canine companions.

They don’t just look adorable or provide moral support. They each have a specific job or jobs on the ranch and we think after you get to know them, you’ll fall at least a little bit in love with our favorite ranch hands.


Profile: 8 years old, Jack Russell, 8 pounds
Been at Turpin: Since 2018
Job(s): Horseback ride companion. Daughter of Lacey.
About me: I’ll be breaking the trail, leading the charge to make sure our guests get the most of their horseback ride adventure.


Profile: 16 years old, Jack Russell, 12 pounds
Been at Turpin: Since 2018
Job(s): Retired horseback ride companion
About me: My days are spent sharing my wisdom with Blaze and begging for a scratch behind the ear.


Profile: 4 years old, German Wirehaired Pointer, 45 pounds
Been at Turpin: Since 2018
Job(s): Trail companion
About me: Ready for any adventure in my new backyard.


Profile: 14 years old, English Setter, 40 pounds
Been at Turpin: Since 2018
Job(s): Keeping order at the ranch
About me: Avid bird watcher and the grand dame of the ranch canines.


Profile: 2 Years Old, Border Collie Corgi with Blue Healer and Westie Terrier, 35 pounds
Been at Turpin: Since 2016
Job(s): Horse Wrangler, Helps Plow and groom trails, -SISTER OF NEMIE-
About me: Still a puppy, still new at horse wrangling. Can pin down a 100 pound dog.


Profile: 10 Years Old, Flat Coated Border Collie, 35 pounds
Been at Turpin: Since 2014
Job(s): Horse Wrangler, Ski Trail Guide, Retriever of sticks -SISTER OF PILGRIM-
About me: Old lady at the ranch. World’s best horse wrangler, will hike in the summer or ski in the winter if you want a friend.


Profile: 6 Years Old, Saint Bernard Mix, 86 Pounds
Been at Turpin: Since 2015
Job(s): Office Supervisor, Dog Approval-er, Ski Watcher/Patrol
About me: Curious, lazy, king of the retail chair, I shed enough I could start making blankets or jackets for all the other dogs at the ranch.

In case you need a few more “awwwws,” here are the ranch gang’s puppy pics: