Wondering why Jackson Hole is the destination for backcountry skiing this winter? Thanks to the winter beauty of the surrounding mountains, there is no limit to the ski spots you can discover. If you want to get a taste of the best Jackson Hole has to offer, here are a few backcountry ski spots you should check out:

1. Four Shadows and No Shadows:

Featuring 800 feet of vertical slope, this is a classic place to go and get an introduction to the snowy tips of Cody Peaks.

2. Four Pines

Perhaps one of the most varied terrains, this area is frequented by locals and visitors alike who want to experience the thrill of downhill skiing as well as the calm of open powder fields.

3. Once is Enough

Properly named, this couloir offers a steep, hour-glass shaped entrance that traverses down the exposed mountain side and leads directly into another famous slope, the next on our list.

4. No Name Face

A slope that commands respect, No Name has what the experienced skier is looking for. Padded by a sustained slope with a handful of low cliffs to air, this is an excellent place to get some modest air with an unforgettable descent.

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